BreakFree App – How to Play?


Do you like puzzle matching games or enjoy a good puzzle quest? Did you enjoy playing Tetris when you were a child? Maybe simple and easy three color matching games are too boring for you. Are you looking for something new and fresh?

Each game has a story, here is ours:

Try your luck with a fun color challenge. Once you were a successful digger, but greed took over, and now you are stuck in the mine. Click on the same group of blocks to remove them from the screen and collect gold nuggets and other important items to survive. Go through the levels and one day you can see the sunlight and return to the world as a rich person. Many challenging mines to dig and hours of puzzles to solve for the individual daydreamers or the whole family. Start this adventure today to be free and wealthy tomorrow.

Awesome 3d graphics and challenging levels, this game will bring back good old memories of the days when you played while you were young. This game combines charm and challenges of color matching games with old good games.


How to play the matching blocks game?

Follow the path, each new level opens as you have completed the previous one. Try to collect as many stars as you could as some higher levels will depend on the number of stars you have collected.

As you can see here, levels 1, 2, and 3 were successfully passed.


Level 53 was passed with 3 stars, level 54 was not yet passed and level 55 is not yet available because it depends on successful completion of the level 54.


When you are ready to start, make sure to select your helper power-up for the level. Note, you won’t be able to change it in the middle of the level. You will have a chance to select a different one before starting the next level.

Click on the same groups of blocks (3 and more of the same color) and destroy them… The special items will help you to destroy even more blocks.


To move to the next level collect 3 or more golden nuggets next to each other. Please keep in mind that in order to level up you also need a certain score and a high level of accuracy. Don’t click on the gold nuggets as soon as you collected 3, check the required score first. Play longer to receive the maximum amount of stars.

You need to act quickly, as the blocks rise fast and you can’t let them touch the top. The screen will start shaking – you still have a few seconds to fix the situation by either removing the blocks below, using a power-up or advancing to the next level.



If you let the screen shake for too long you will fail the level.

If you have failed a level, no worries, you can re-start it instantly or with a free power-up. If you decided to receive a free power up click the option on the right “Start over with free power-up”.

You will first see a short commercial and then will receive a free power-up and an option to start over the level.

We also measure your accuracy and if it gets too low you won’t make to the next level, so, don’t tap aimlessly.

If you see that you can not cope with the flow of blocks and in risk of losing – do not panic. Use special items that will allow you to destroy many more cubes in one click.



If you are feeling that the puzzle is too easy for you and you want to play faster – press the speed button, and the cubes will start appearing faster.


If things are too fast for you, wait until the area of the timer is filled with color, the clock on it to freeze the game.

Note that this won’t pause the game and you can continue smashing.


Collect 3 gold nuggets while keeping your score above the target score to win the level.



You can proceed to the next level or return back to the map of levels.

Music Theme settings are available in both main and play screens. You can change your music theme at any time.


Some levels are challenging. Even though it is possible to complete the levels with no help, it’s fun to use the special items. In addition to the items are randomly given during the play you can also obtain them on the market in exchange for coins. Extra lives are also available on the market.

Use Promo Codes (Usually posted on Twitter: to add free coins. You will also receive coins for each successfully completed level.


Additional coins are also available in the store.


BreakFree color matching blocks game is the best way to exercise your brain and take a break from the daily routine. Enjoy!